When the leader rises the whole team rises.

We help you develop your leaders.

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Covenant Life Church - Leader Breakthru Hub

Since the early 1980s our team has been preparing leaders to do the good works God prepared in advance for them to do (Ephesians 2:10).

In recent years we’ve shifted to work not only with leaders, but with the organizations they lead, to help them create the systems and resources needed to develop leaders throughout the organization. Why the shift? Because of the power of leveraging leadership, throughout the organization, for the greater good.

Grow your leaders—their “being and doing”—and you can grow your impact. We work first with you and your team, then throughout the organization, to develop leaders who are:

  • Clear in calling
  • Growing in character
  • Empowered by God’s Spirit
  • Implementing positive change
  • Influencing others for the greater good

Leader Breakthru Hubs are regional sites and resourcing specialists that offer personal and leadership development training as well as coaching from Leader Breakthru.

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Meet Our Team

Daniel Allen

Daniel (DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary) is a leadership coach, pathfinder, and author. He has coached and mentored leaders and organizations vocationally since 1990, helping them focus their work for the greater good. His latest book, Summoned, was named a “Top 40 Read” by InterVarsity Press in 2015.

Lainie Allen

Since 1995 Lainie has been mentoring leaders navigating vocation, relationships, religion and life transitions. She became a certified Spiritual Director in 2007 with Christian Formation and Direction Ministries (CFDM). In 2015, Lainie graduated from SMU Perkins School of Theology with a Masters in Divinity.

Keith Peeler

Keith coaches leaders in catalyzing movements of the Gospel and prayer. That work includes helping them he launch new teams; mobilize prayer; initiate spiritual conversations; look for People of Peace (Luke 10); bless households; make Disciples who make Disciples; and start new Gatherings.

David Larlee

David is a Canadian who has come to Dallas via London, UK. In 2004 he was ordained as an Anglican Priest and served an inner city congregation in London for 10 years. He now serves on staff at All Saints Dallas. As a Coach and Spiritual Director, he serves leaders by facilitating fresh ways for them to discern God’s Call so that they are able to shape the world around them to his Kingdom.

Connect With Us

To learn more about Daniel Allen Coaching, contact us:

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